Mock Interview

Interviewing can be very stressful – especially if it’s for college admission or a first job after high school graduation. A recent Mock Interview event at Goochland High School gave participating students an opportunity to reduce some of those anxieties, practice their interviewing skills, and receive immediate feedback.

“It's a nerve-wracking experience for them,” Goochland High School Principal Christopher Collier said. “But it's really cool to watch them walk out of their interviews with smiles on their faces because they learned something from this valuable experience.”

The GHS Media Center was packed with interviewers with varied experiences in business, non-profit, education, and local government. Andrew Storey, director of operational support at Luck Stone Corporation, said participating in the event was a good way to give back and help support the next generation. “I think it's great that the school is trying to connect with local businesses and industry because there are a lot of aspects of the working world that school doesn't necessarily cover. Events like this where they can see what the real world might look like but in a school environment is a really good thing.”

Dan Rieck, superintendent at Allan Myers Inc., said he’s looking for more than work experience when he interviews for an opening at his company. “We really want people who have a desire to succeed, who want to win and be a part of a great family-owned organization,” he said. “We want employees who get along with others and like to work as a team. This was a great opportunity for companies to see students where they're at in their learning and how ready they are to take the next step.”

Students answered prepared questions and then benefited from immediate, constructive comments from their interviewers. Zion Stoltz, a student at GHS, thought the mock interview was a good experience for him. “It's good to hear some feedback and actually have somebody help you learn a good way to do an interview because when you actually go and do an interview you don't get that feedback right away.”

Interviewers were impressed by the students who participated. “I really am amazed at how forward-thinking they are and how prepared they are, considering they’re still in high school,” Goochland School Board Vice Chair Sandra Barefoot-Reid said. “Some of the questions they asked me were very mature.” 

To view a short video of the event, visit the GCPS YouTube channel at