Best Teachers in Richmond

In store windows, along roadways, and on digital career boards, it’s easy to see that many businesses and industries are looking for employees. Goochland County Public Schools is no exception.

With openings throughout the year, GCPS is always looking for both instructional and non-instructional staff. The tight labor market is making those searches more challenging. “We typically have several candidates to interview for our staff positions,” Supervisor of Talent Services Demetra Harris said. “This year, we have some positions where we have very few candidates – and we’ve had job openings with no applicants.”

Many of these open jobs are for skilled workers, such as mechanics and maintenance staff. “These positions are becoming even harder to fill,” Harris said. “We offer competitive pay, great benefits, and a supportive work environment, but we still have to be creative to attract applicants.”

Skilled workers often have multiple options for employment due to their in-demand specialties. That’s one reason why GCPS is continually looking for ways to enhance its Career and Technical Education offerings. “We know that there will always be a demand for skilled workers,” Superintendent Jeremy Raley said. “We want our students to know that there are career options that don’t require a college degree, that pay well, and that can match the student’s strengths and interests.

“We also want our students to know that we would welcome them to work in our division in the future,” Raley said. “With openings in maintenance, food services, transportation, technology, administration, and instruction, we are looking for high-quality, skilled candidates. I encourage those in our community who are exploring employment options to check us out and consider becoming a part of Team GCPS,” he said.

For more information about current job opportunities in Goochland County Public Schools, visit our website ( and click on the Employment button on the main page.