GHS Graduation

97.2 percent of Goochland High School seniors graduated on-time in 2021 – nearly five percentage points ahead of the state average of 92.3. Factoring in students who earned their GED, 98.1 percent of GHS seniors completed diploma requirements.

With a drop-out rate of 1.9 percent, GHS seniors also stayed in school at a much higher rate than the state average of 4.3 percent. “We strive to connect with our students and help them stay engaged in their school experience,” Jeremy Raley, Ed.D., division superintendent, said. “Through our CTE and work-based learning options, and our many curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, we have created a school environment that meets the educational needs of all students.

“Our community’s support continues to pay dividends, and I’m thankful that our efforts have reaped life-long rewards for our students,” Raley said.

Additionally, more GHS graduates earned Advanced Studies Diplomas than the state average. Of GHS’s graduates:

·      73% earned an Advanced Studies Diploma (State average: 52.8%)

·      24% earned a Standard Diploma (State average 38%)

“Our students did extraordinary things last school year,” Stephen Geyer, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, said. “Even with the challenges brought about by COVID during almost a year and a half of their high school careers, GHS seniors remained focused on their goals and had great levels of success. Earning a high school diploma is vital to a young person’s future, and we’re excited to see what our GHS alumni accomplish!”